The WhatsApp Marketing Playbook

The WhatsApp Marketing Playbook

Multi-media messaging at scale
A WhatsApp campaign is a one-to-many promotional message sent over WhatsApp. Like an SMS or email newsletter, WhatsApp can be used to engage, nurture, and convert contacts.

Fully GDPR compliant
And just like email, WhatsApp marketing contacts must be 100% opt-in. Contacts must give explicit consent either by the website, SMS, a WhatsApp thread, in person, or other means.

Meta approved
To ensure a positive user experience, all WhatsApp campaign content goes through an approval process to make sure it’s legitimate and relevant. Contacts have the power to block or report content which can directly impact a sender’s quality rating and sending quotas.

Business accounts only
It’s not possible to send WhatsApp campaigns from your personal WhatsApp account, or through the WhatsApp Business app on your phone. You need a WhatsApp Business account which is then linked to an official Business Solution Provider (BSP) like Sendinblue. Campaigns can only be created and sent through the BSP.

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