Publications - Edge Linking
Our distinguished publications cover a diverse range of content comprising Marketing, Sales, Technology, HR, Finance, Advertising, Events, and more. We aim to offer our viewers insights through our informative blogs, relevant posts, and the latest news. To stay abreast of the latest trends, we dig deeper with exclusive C-Suite interviews that speak volumes about real-world experiences.
MarTech Edge
It is a digital publication that covers anything and everything that happens at the crossroads of marketing and technology. It encompasses industry news, informative blog posts, C-Suite interviews of marketing & tech leaders, technology insights, and more.
HRTech Edge
It veils modern and emerging trends in the series of futuristic development in the HR technology realm. It’s explicitly designed to deliver an engaging experience and help business leaders, managers, and workers manage their workforce and make data-driven decisions.

TechEdge AI

A digital publication dedicated to exploring, and disseminating information about AI and it’s myriad applications. It serves as a comprehensive resource for professionals and enthusiasts interested in staying up-to-date with the latest developments in AI technology and its impact on various industries. Learn more abut the AI landscape from latest AI news, and exclusive C-suite Interviews.

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