How technology rebuilds the employee experience and help Small and Medium-Sized Business connected

How technology rebuilds the employee experience and help Small and Medium-Sized Business connected

Since 2020, everything about work has changed—from where we work, to how we get the job done, to why we do it in the first place.

The pandemic flipped the global workforce on its head, sending many Small and Medium-Sized Business employees to work from home overnight. Throughout the hiatus from the office, these employees grew accustomed to the flexibility remote work provided and the wellbeing consideration their employers offered.

As a result, employee priorities shifted. Today, Small and Medium-Sized Business teams are asking their employers to continue providing the benefits, positive culture, and flexibility offered during the pandemic, and they’re not backing down. In fact, 43% of the global workforce has given their leaders an ultimatum—accommodate these needs, or risk losing your top talent.

In response, employers across the globe have decided to shift their workforce to a hybrid model. Of these organizations, 91% plan to complete the transition in the next five years. However, the thought of permanent hybrid work has many questioning the return on this investment. How can teams be productive if they’re not all working in the same office? Will the quality of meetings suffer and render brainstorming sessions useless? What will happen to the employee experience?

This white paper explores how Small and Medium-Sized Businesses can leverage technology to help rebuild the employee experience and empower team collaboration in a hybrid environment. We’ll take a deep dive into current trends that are re-defining the global workforce, explore the growing human relationship with technology, and discover new opportunities that await.

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