The Case for a Unified AI-Equipped Workflow Conductor

The Case for a Unified AI-Equipped Workflow Conductor

Artificial Intelligence (AI) deployments in healthcare imaging have created a “traffic jam,” as data needs to be delivered to various multiple AI algorithms and AI findings need to be exchanged in a timely manner to their destinations. This information exchange must be done in sync with other workflow steps

Healthcare providers and organizations that approach AI integration strategically can prevent bottlenecks, waste resources and deploy AI effectively.

Issues that often impact successful AI implementations can be managed and resolved by a fully featured workflow engine that drives and conducts the workflow to get the information to the right location at the right time in the right format. Not any available workflow engine will do; it is critical to use an engine that meets the specific AI requirements for successful deployment.

This white paper outlines a model for a unified workflow engine/router that offers a scalable, customized, and integrated solution for enterprise imaging AI. A definition and categorization of the different router levels that are commercially available in the marketplace are provided, in addition to an outline of a unified AI workflow router that will provide the necessary backbone for successful AI deployment. A checklist is added for your convenience which can serve as a “buyers guide” to determine if a solution meets your specific AI workflow requirements.

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