Success Story: How Master Data Management Can Deliver a Customer 360 Solution

How Master Data Management Can Deliver a Customer 360 Solution

Embark on the debut presentation of our 2023 Client Success Quarterly Webinar Series, in which Red Wing Shoes, an American footwear company founded in 1905, and their Director of Enterprise Data & Advanced Analytics will be featured.

This webinar, part of Semarchy’s initiative to showcase client success stories, takes you through Red Wing Shoes’ journey with Semarchy’s unified data platform. Explore how this historic American footwear company strategically funded a Consumer Master Data Management solution, utilizing Semarchy to enhance in-house Marketing ROI, adhere to regulatory standards, and seamlessly integrate with Salesforce for a Consumer 360 solution.

  • Key discussion points encompass tackling data quality challenges, securing funding for data projects, navigating CCPA compliance, and the evolution from Consumer 270 to Consumer 360 in the Point of Sale (POS) landscape.
  • Data leaders and executives will glean insights into the operational and cost perspectives of MDM projects, fostering informed decision-making. Seize this opportunity to absorb real-world experiences, lessons learned, and forward-thinking strategies in the dynamic realm of data management.
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