Privileged Access Management Policy Template

Privileged Access Management Policy Template

Increase understanding and oversight of Privileged Access Management with a PAM policy

Cybersecurity technology goes hand in hand with policy-based governance. One of the first steps to Privileged Access Management (PAM) success is defining clear and consistent policies that everyone who uses and manages privileged accounts understands and accepts.

You can use this sample policy as a starting point to build a PAM policy for your organization.

To save you time, this template contains over 40 pre-written policy statements to get you started. They are based on compliance requirements outlined by CIS, NIST, PCI and HIPAA related to best-practice management of privileged accounts.

You can easily customize the PAM policy to match the needs of your IT environment, regulatory requirements, and organizational structure, and then finalize and share the document with all IT team members, executives, and auditors.

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