Employee Engagement: The Key to Great Customer Experiences

Employee Engagement: The Key to Great Customer Experiences

The philosophy behind optimising contact centre performance has fundamentally changed. 

Contact centre managers and supervisors used to ask, “How do we get our agents to perform better?”

In contrast, today’s contact centre leaders are asking, “How do we create an environment where our agents want to perform their best every day?” 

The reason for this shift is simple. Research clearly shows that highly engaged contact centre employees stay with their current jobs longer and perform better. Most importantly, employee engagement is a major factor in determining the quality of customer experience. 

“As Alvaria Chief Technology Officer, David Funck, likes to say, “It’s impossible to have an exceptional customer experience without having an exceptional employee experience.”

This guide explains a few of the ways that today’s leading companies are using technology to create a great employee experience, improve employee engagement and—in turn—deliver world-class customer experiences.

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