More Better Leads Forever Part 3


More Better Leads Forever (Part 3) – Increasing relevance in content distribution

B2B product marketing in a rapidly changing world

Product marketing used to be straightforward – generate more, better-quality leads to pass on to sales. But the world moves faster now. Customer needs are changing rapidly, as are purchase processes, buyer committees, the role and job title of the principal point of contact, even the types of potential client companies.

More Better Leads Forever is a series of linked white-papers that examine how B2B marketers can rethink demand generation for a fast-moving world. Part 3 in our series looks more closely at how you can reach the right audiences and generate higher-quality leads. It builds on Part 1 which covered the importance of understanding the customer and Part 2 which explored content strategy.

In this third report you will learn:

  • Why you need to look beyond the most obvious buyers to reach stakeholders who have influence in the buying process.
  • How to seek out the publishers who deliver the highest-converting leads.
  • What you can do to address problems around data quality, data delivery and data formats.

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