Data Is the New Fuel to Your Outreach: Why & How

Data Is the New Fuel to Your Outreach: Why & How

Marketing in today’s age cannot take a single breath without data, rather, appropriate data.

But what makes data irreplaceable, and how can we create a data repository that facilitates, expedites, and improves your customer outreach and marketing comprehensively?

In this blog, we have listed the WHYs and HOWs of data as the new oil in the marketing space. 

The WHYs

Data Is Unbiased

One of the primary reasons to leverage data for customer outreach is its lack of bias. So, your outreach plans & decisions are not based on mere hunches or intuitions but are backed by numbers, facts, and statistics. Your customer interactions will be on point if you analyze the relevant data accurately.

Improvement in Marketing Moves

While customer retention is much more cost-effective than acquiring new customers, you must recognize the importance of the latter. And for that, you need to create data-backed marketing strategies that earn you clear, considerable ROI.

With accurate data, you can better engage with your target audience, deliver exceptional customer experience across all touchpoints, and even improve your analysis & optimization.

Stay on Top of the Volatile Market

With the marketing space becoming more volatile by the day, you must stay well-versed with ongoing market trends. What’s working wonders today may end up in the garbage tomorrow!

So, when you have continuous streams of data, you understand what’s working out and what’s not, and more importantly, where everything is headed. Consequently, you’re already well-prepared if and when the market turns down.

The HOWs

Make Your Data Coherent

When it comes to customer data, consolidation & integration are more tasking than collection. You’d probably have multiple data sources, so the biggest challenge is to bring all of the data into a single place, root out the redundancies, fill in the gaps, and make it ready for marketers (and other teams).

You must have appropriate data tools such as CRM, CDP, automation tools, data & analytics software, etc., depending on your needs and goals.

Simplify Your Data

The data organizations collect is often in a form that doesn’t make any sense to marketers and requires IT teams to chip in. This to-and-fro creates a lag in the marketing processes, and by the time the data is ready for use, it may have turned irrelevant.

To deal with this issue, you need a joint team where marketers and IT experts work hand-in-hand or outsource simplified, actionable data that marketers don’t need to rack their brains over.

Don’t Just Rely on a Single Type

If the data you collect is incomplete, it won’t be useful. Thus, it’s always sensible to have diversified data sources and rely on multiple types like zero-party, first-party, and, more significantly, third-party.

Let’s face it—you cannot sketch out your entire marketing outreach plan based on mere first-party data because it’s limited in its scope. On the contrary, third-party data is much more comprehensive and provides deeper insights into customer profiles, patterns, online behaviors, and actions.

So, your data stack needs to be an integrated set of multiple data types collected from varied & trusted sources transparently.


Data can be a boon or a bane depending on how you maneuver it. Your marketing wheel will be hassle-free with the proper set of tools that can transparently collect, integrate, analyze, and optimize your data and the right group of people who know exactly what to do with that data.

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